The Murdér Express

...with MasterChef 2016 winner, Jane Devonshire. Taking place on a glamorous retro steam train, this immersive dining experience inspired by the classic novel 'Murder on the Orient Express' (Agatha Christie), provides an adventurous window, a music hall star, a costermonger and an antique dealer are on their way to the French town of 'Murdér' - but they could be in real danger.

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When is this event?

In May & June, Weekly, Tuesdays to Saturday
(+ one sunday per month)
Lunch and Dinner Seatings

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100 Reviews

How many seats available?

Up to 45 guests
(Usually fully booked)

How to get there?

London > Shoreditch (See map)
Station: Old Street (10 min walk)

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What to expect?

Embark on this spectacularly immersive adventure set on a glamorous period-authentic train, and enthuse over a beautiful fine-dining meal, designed & prepared by MasterChef 2016 winner Jane Devonshire.

"We had quite a few inspirations - Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express of course - probably the most famous murder mystery set on a train! Through to Marie Lloyd - a music hall star from Hoxton who inspired the creation of Tilley. We also worked closely with amazing costume supervisor Chris Cahill who is one of the best in the industry and helped with period referencing along with a lot of background reading."
- Craig, Creator of 'The Murder Express'

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Curated and tested by Holly, Eatwith Community Manager in London

Selected highlights

Fine dining theatrical adventure set on a luxury model train

Revel over a mouth watering menu designed by MasterChef winner Jane Devonshire

Great entertainment coupled with outstanding food

Watch the story of 'The Murdér Express' unravel right in front of you!

Fine-dining meal, designed & prepared by MasterChef 2016 winner Jane Devonshire

4-course menu designed by MasterChef 2016 winner Jane Devonshire

Enjoy Drinks & Cocktails from the Seven Sins platform bar

Drink to your heart's fancy!

Inspired by the novel 'Murder on the Orient Express' by Agatha Christie

Watch the live show on board while devouring a delicious 4-course meal

Join this adventurous dinner experience with your friends!

The more the merrier!

Selected Rating Community

Loved this experience! Was something different to the usual, food tasted great & the entertainment matched it. Loved the beginning when the actors came round to introduce themselves in character, prior to the performance.

Nia, January 23rd

The acting was amazing, the station and set design is great & you actually feel like you are on a train! That main course was to die for!

Tim, October 4th

This is definitely one train that you won’t want to miss, the attention to detail is amazing! The food, acting and production is amazing! Those screens make it stand out!

Jemma, September 18th

Menu (4 courses)

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Full refund up to 48 hours prior to event.

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