The Innovative Sustainable Tasting Menu in Hackney is Eleven98's flagship social fine dining experience, where up to 12 guests can enjoy a truly intimate and immersive experience of Eleven98 from closer than ever before! From your seat at The Chef's Table you'll be able to smell the enticing aromas of Hackney-sourced produce as dinner gets under way - and being so close to the action means you'll have even greater interaction with Chef Aidan Brooks throughout the course of the evening. With only 12 seats at The Chef's Table, this really is the most exclusive way to experience Hackney's favourite dining concept!

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When is this event?

Thursdays & Fridays

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3 Reviews

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12 seats, usually fully booked

How to get there?

London > Hackney / Bethnal Green Station (See map)

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What to expect

Eleven98's evenings will begin with a quirky cocktail on arrival, allowing folks time to gather and mingle. Then everyone will take a pew, sit back and delve into a sequence of six carefully curated tasting courses, based entirely on Hackney-sourced produce.

Aidan's interactive style of service means he's on hand to offer insightful details behind each dish as it's presented, explaining where things were grown or where they came from. This makes the whole experience way more than just a meal.

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Curated by Holly,
Eatwith Community Manager
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Selected highlights

This pop-up takes place in the beautiful location of Chef Aidan Brook's Hackney home!


Watch your dishes be prepared at close proximity by the chef


Discover unique dishes you would never find on a restaurant menu!


All produce is sourced locally from the borough of Hackney from local producers


Discover the behind-the-scenes culinary journey of a professional chef in his own kitchen


Fine dining food & with a chance to meet new people at the chef's table


Selected Rating Community

Aidan’s passion & dedication to fresh, local, high-quality ingredients come through in every bite. You’ll find dishes that you could never find on a restaurant menu. I definitely recommend. Everything was outstanding!

Meg, January 2020

Absolutely loved the dinner hosted by Aidan. Every course was delicious and the welcome drink a lovely surprise to ease us into the evening. Really appreciate the effort to source every ingredient as locally as possible.

Emma, February 2020.


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